Yacht Rock

Ladies, ladies, why the radio silence? Ok, ok we get it, Domino is our friend, they only hit us because they love us. Message received loud and clear (although we here at DC headquarters stand our cheap-ass ground). But let's put all that behind us and end the week on a good note... do I hear another 3-day weekend coming on? Maybe, just maybe. Come join me as I fantasize about owning my very own Lazzarini Pickering designed luxury yacht:


look what they've squeezed inside that little sea-farer:

yacht interior

Oh!  Don't you feel so pre-amnesia in Overboard just looking at this?  I would go down on a football team for an afternoon on that sun-deck. Admittedly, the interior is not 100% my taste, but I could probably make do.  I'm sure that, with a yacht like this, I wouldn't even mind paying $62,000 for a collection of coffee cup paintings.

Happy weekend everyone!