Will I Ever Get Sick of the Horse Lamp?

Hmmm, will I ever get sick of the Front Design Horse Lamp?  It really is a question for the ages.  After getting a glimpse of it at the Barcelona Raval Hotel in Barcelona, Spain, my guess is NO:

Holy God what is happening on that ceiling?

More! More! More!

Oh!  The reflection! Heart. Can't. Take. It.

ce qui?! Une Tufting??!!  

Oui! Oui!

Am going to need every last drop from every last bottle

Ever since I posted the Goldbar, it has been my default fantasy destination.  I've had a pretend wedding, make-believe dance party, and imaginary ladies night among its perfect gold skull walls.  While I'm not tired of it at all and plan many more fake vacations among all its gold-filled glory, I think the Barcelo Ravel is giving the gold bar a run for it's money.  I might skip the rooms though, the lounge is where its at.

Thanks, Yatzer for the lovely images