White Couches

Is buying a white couch a fool's errand? What if you own one toddler and might have plans to make it a two fer? What if you have a long haired gray cat who thinks she's a wad of velcro? Deep down inside I know buying a white couch is probably a very bad idea, but my superficial exterior thinks it would transform my living room into a shining beacon of glory. I do know what I won't be buying, though...

white suede couch

A white SUEDE couch. I mean... wow. White. suede. Hasn't Robert Couturier ever seen Can't Buy Me Love?

Cindy is going to be in big trouble when mommy finds out she spilled wine all over the megabucks white suede outfit Cindy jacked from her closet...

white chesterfield

Another thing I'm not going to buy is a white chesterfield. Sure, it sings its siren song of leather and whispered promises of easy clean up, but that's a dirty lie. Cleaning gunk out of those little buttons is the bane of my existence, and our chesterfield is dark. I can't even imagine what cleaning a white chesterfield would look like... Hell, methinks.

white chesterfield

I want to like this, but I think the cushions look cheap. Agree? Disagree?

elle white couch

Still I really want a white couch. I'd love something slipcovered, but I don't want it to look like a slipcovered couch. The one above would do nicely.

Am I crazy?

Please answer with regard to the white couch question only.

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