I hope you've noticed all the extry (that's how we say "extra" in the South... especially if you have a mouth chock full of wintergreen chewing tobacco) work I've been putting into this here blog lately, what with all the crappy pictures I've been taking on my very own camera. Well, today I'm cashing in my good girl blog credits for some bad girl slackerdom, because I am tireder than a SHUT YOUR MOUTH. What? I'm only talking about a week of sick cranky kid with husband away on business trip vacation. I promise you I am just exhausted, not crazy (mostly). To help myself over the hump I am pulling these here photos from the vault. They are some strange rangers, but you know what -- that suits me just fine. Surprise surprise.

Later, gators. I'm going to see a man about a house this morning, although I'm afraid nothing good can come of this mood I'm in. At this rate, with my better half across the country and totally unable to save me from myself, I'm liable to buy something nutty.

Wish me luck.

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