Where in the World Is K-Dawg

Guess what faithful readers?!  It's that time again!  I'm out of town at my bestest (non-bloggy) friend's wedding and you dudes get to guess where I am.  What do I have for prizes this time?  Well, operating under the assumption that Erin was sick of carrying that baby around in her tummy,  I was going to offer up her unborn child (after birth, of course) but, surprisingly, she's not into it.  My cats are also off limits, so you'll have to settle for something totally badass, sorry.  The winning guesser gets THIS AWESOME BRACELET from NAUGHTY SECRETARY CLUB.  Hooray! So, here's the deal, I'm posting pictures of houses by a certain architect that has designed homes throughout this city.  His designs have been sprinkled across a couple of states, but the majority of them are in the same city as lil ole me.  This one's a tricky one, but anyone who has passed through this bizarro town (that I love!) has seen these bizarro houses:

I've never seen the inside of these homes, so I was delighted to find this interior shot of the home pictured above (too bad about that furniture, though):

Above is the architect's personal studio, below is an interior shot (yes, we are still in the same city):

And, just for fun, here are a couple of interior shots from some of his other homes, these may not be within the winning city limits, but they're pretty, so, whateves:

I know, right!

And, just to tempt your tummies one last time, here's a shot of la grand prize from Naughty Secretary Club:

Happy guessing, homies.  Winner will be announced on Monday afternoon in the comments section of this post.  First person to guess the CITY (not just the state) correctly wins.  If you can name the architect, you get extra love, but that's all.

PS. While you're racking you brains trying to guess where I am, might I suggest checking out the prize giver's blog HERE