What's in My Shopping Cart Right Now

At any given time, I have about 10 items ready to go in shopping carts all over the web. The only thing that stands between me and a neatly organized browser is, of course, money. Sadly I'm not a wealthy woman, so I have to pick and choose which wants make the cut. And it's probably a good thing I can't just rush out and buy whatever my little heart desires as soon as it fixates on an object -- I may or may not possess a rather capricious nature. I might change my mind once or twice (or a million times) whilst concocting a final plan. So let's check out what I'm looking at and decide what to buy, mmmm kay?

First is this guy from shades of light, which I'm planning to put in the nursery. He's about $200 shipped to my house and I know that's not bad for a fixture, but I'm cheap and keep hoping to stumble upon something just as good for half the price.

I also have samples for these scrumptious wallpapers by Flat Vernacular, all of which kind of fit my color palette. Some I might have a place for, some are just objects of lust.

There's also this hilarious toile print made of derby cars from the same company that would make the cutest kid's bathroom ever, but not sure I want to go that juvenile... or maybe I do. TBD.

Adorable leopard pillow by Arianna Belle. I don't really need this, per se, but it's cute and splashy and $55.

Ikea has new leather furniture out, and it's pretty damn comfy. The Karlstad now comes in white leather, which is probably not the most kid friendly, but at least it cleans up easier than fabric. Our chesterfield is looking shabby, and this mightmightmight work as new seating. Don't worry -- I would burn those legs in the fireplace and buy a new set of chrome ones. For $899 (plus $135 back as an Ikea gift card), it's a whole lotta sofa for not a lotta moola.

Of course what I really want is a pair of these plush Ikea Mellby chairs to replace Chester. A pair of chairs would suit our seating configuration so much better and be more versatile down the line. Sadly, Ben would rather have a couch to sprawl out on... comfort vs aesthetics? Hmmm.

Probably I will buy neither right now and focus on other matters.

Like the marble table I have yet to order...

Or the paint I need for the kitchen cabinets, the upholstery for the nursery chair, bedding for the guest bed, chairs for the new table, a desk for the office, or any of the other million pressing issues I would like to tackle before the baby arrives.

I might have some problems with focus.

So help me out -- anything on this list I must buy today?