What Weekend?

It's Monday already? Well, that's stupid. Ike's playroom is coming along, but progress has been slowed by a tragic sliding accident -- Ike is ok, just a little busted up and in need of extra cuddle time. In between the big sad tears we managed to paint his room and put the furniture back into place, but there's still a lot of finishing work to do. Plus there are drills and ladders and paint cans everywhere, and we're out of milk. And now Monday is here. Poop on that.

So I'm going to get to setting things straight over here, but I promise you'll be the first to know when Ike's pad is complete. Hopefully it won't take too long to turn our house rightside up... as long as we stay away from the dastardly slide.

The amazing glass encased dioramas are by Thomas Doyle. This guy understands how stressful home ownership can be.