What the Hipsters Are Up To

Alert:  Regular column Trend Alert has recently changed it's name (see above).  I'm feeling like it's more appropriate.  Show of hands? The trend to which I'm alerting you today has thus far only shown itself a couple of times and I thus have little evidence of it's existence.  However, I'm confident that, come Christmas, every Etsy dealer worth their weight in screen printed tote bags will have a variation on this theme:

Handmade & painted axes by Best Made Co

OK, these axes are beautifully crafted and the color stripes are a lovely touch, but I can't help but have like, 472 eye rolls.  I mean, really, who among you needs a $220 axe that you really can't justify using?  Please do not leave a comment about art, and that $220 is cheap-ola for art.  Yes, I get that too, I really really get it.  But I would rather take a $36 home depot axe to the head than fall prey to this hipster crap trap.

Striped arrows by Fredericks and Mae

Yes, it's all pretty, but for some reason it's just annoying.  Happy Weekend, the end.