What Are Our Walls to Do?

As every news outlet has unrelentlessly reminded you over the last day or so, 3 of Hollywood's greats have passed, which begs the question:  What are our walls to do?  Each of the fallen stars of yesterday, coincidentally, leave behind the legacy of highest grossing poster sales of all time.

Farrah, my fondest memory of you is when my friend Andy was able to use your poster to cover a hole he was digging with a spoon to break out of Shawshank Prison. Thank you kindly for ensuring Andy's safe passage to Ziwataneo.  You will be missed.

Michael, I watched The Making of Thriller under the light of this poster until my VHS tape could no longer produce clear sound or image.  You got all bizarro on us and you almost lost me when you named your baby "Blanket," but I always felt your story was tragic beyond your control.  The phrase Kill Your Idols comes to mind.  I apologize, on behalf of People Magazine readers everywhere, for the pedestal we put you on and knocked you down from.  Cory Feldman will surely miss you the most.

Ed, I didn't even know you had a poster, but any friend of Budweiser is a friend of mine.  We'll all be pouring one out for you this weekend old friend.


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