We're totes homeowners... what to do now

OMG, so Matt and I just closed on this house last Tuesday and we're happy as a bunch of peas in a gold-leafed pod.  I've posted some pics of our new digs below, the outside is cushy with a big yard and a crazy front porch.  The color isn't my first choice (Matt loves it, of course.  But then again, he has no say).  The inside, however, is a massive fixer.  Ok, medium fixer.  

Our New Pad

It was built in 1984, and boy does the inside show it.  Did you see that hot mess of a tile job around the fire place?  Poor Matt spent 3 hours last night tearing it out.  We've also already ripped out the carpet, the baseboards and all those pesky carpet tacks.  Did you know that carpet is totes tacked to the concrete?  Scheesh!  Who want's carpeting that badly.  Gross, my eyes are bleeding.  So, I've enrolled Matt and I on team renovation, membership: 2.  Cross your fingers that he doesn't divorce me, at least not until the kitchen is remodeled.  I've been seeking inspiration across the entire world wide web and have found some glorious pieces of furniture, rooms I'm willing to kill my cat for and, of course, miles and miles of disgusting granite.  I know, dear readers, that you realize that granite is the avocado green of the millennium.  It is barfy and you should never ever touch it, look at it or breath near it.  

Jen Perkins over at Naughty Secretary Club has been posting some hot rooms on her blog and she's also started this magical flickr group the Practical Encyclopedia of Good Decorating and Home Improvement.  There are lots of badassical gems over there that I urge you to check out immediately.

I'm also pretty hyped up on this Jonathan Adler room right now.  It's a wee bit too minimal for me (where are all the creepy flea market treasures??) but the layout is almost identical to my living room and those crazy dog statues make me want to crawl under a well upholstered sofa and die for not thinking of them first.  


Jonathan Adler Living Room

 Jonathan, you make my heart sing.  For now, I have to go glamorously patch concrete holes.  I'm totally going to go all Naomi Campbell style on the renovations, so don't you even worry about me.