Weekend Warriors

Ahhhh, Monday -- it's like a vacation from the weekend. Seriously, I am burnt. Toasted. Saturday we frantically ran errands and car shopped all day (not fun). Sunday we painted until I thought I might die (also not fun). And for all that back breaking work, there was little sad little fruit of our difficult labors. We still have no car (anyone have a Rav4 and like it?), and I hate the paint I picked for the guest bedroom/office -- it looks like a band aid factory exploded onto a porn set. But we did get two things accomplished:

1) Cinco de Mayo.

I thought I had a bitchin video of Ike doing the Macarena with some awesome Mexican lady dancers, but apparently in my pregnant fugue state I forgot to press record. FAIL. Still, Cinco de Mayo was pretty fun (although margaritas would have made it funner).

2) Matt ripped out the ugly built in desk and we painted the kitchen.

Matt did SUCH AN AMAZING job removing the old built in behemoth and replacing the tiles underneath. You would never know it was ever there. Meanwhile, I got tired of painting swatches and decided to just pick something and go for it.

Y'all are going to think I swallowed a Guatemalan insanity pepper.

We will discuss tomorrow. Have your wits sharpened and pencils prepared.