Weekend Update

I do believe the weekend beat me 20 kinds of black and blue and now Monday is here to laugh in my face. On Saturday my baby boy turned THREE years old and I want to claw my eyes out just thinking about that. No more growing, kid. Also, no more birthday parties when I am 36 weeks pregnant and it's 800 degrees outside.

But he was pretty excited about the mountain of presents he got, so we'll call this one worth it.

The rest of the weekend we spent cleaning closets and preparing for the arrival of Number Two, who is growing so fast I frequently have to haul myself out of bed at 5am to eat more. Ugh.

Meanwhile, the house is shaping up (mostly). The front room is in danger of looking pretty good, so no pictures until I get a couple of finishing touches in there. I'll try to take a survey of some other rooms todayish.

The baby nursery may be an utter failure, though. Not enough wallpaper, not sure about upholstery, custom blinds are stupid expensive... too whipped to fully discuss right now.

Ike is back at summer camp today. Off to make the most of my remaining three hours of freedom!