Weekend Bonus For Raina

Because Nothing Says Mid-Century Modern like prosthetics:

eames inspired prosthetic leg

Eames inspired Prosthetic Leg.  The suit with shorts and sock-free loafers just scream Charles and Ray.  Pray tell:  is that really the best chair they could find for the photoshoot?  If you need to see more:

mood board

I have never once thought to make a mood board for anything, does that make me a bad person?  My favorite part of this board are the images of Steve McQueen:  above them it reads "for our persona, we chose Steve Mcqueen, the King of Cool..." (ellipses theirs)  Because nothing says mid-century modern like Steve McQueen.  Where was the McQueen inspiration when they dressed that model?  Look I really appreciate the idea of bringing good design to prosthetics, I even think Eames is a great inspiration, but just because they used dark bent-wood does not mean that they hit the mark.  They didn't.   Another thing that says mid-century modern:  tattoos:

eames tattoos


more tattoos

I was thinking of having the entire sears catalog line from 1924 tattooed on the back of my arm, but that's just me.

Prosthetics By Joanna Hawley

First set of tattoos by Nick Baxter

Second Set by Butter Fat Studios