Walls Gone Wilder

During my blog-vacation I spent quite a bit of time doing, what else?  Perusing blogs.  With all the free time I had on my hands I finally had time to check out what all you dudes are up to.  I spotted this picture on design-porn-favorite,  Desire to Inspire:

I immediately knew it would be perfect for the Birds Barbershop bathrooms.  I emailed the pic to the shop owner and got back a one word response: iwantiwantiwantiwant

I had no idea where to find it so I put out a call for action in the Desire to Inspire comments section.  Another reader immediately came to my rescue and pointed me to Aimee Wilder

Turns out, Aimee is quite prolific.  I guess I must have been hiding under a rock, because home girl has quite the collection.  Her Analog wallpaper can be purchased in one of five colorways.  Of course, I vote for silver on charcoal.  If it weren't (ahem) $140 / roll, it would be on it's merry way to me right now.  

I do feel like I've seen these robots before.  And if I ever have a bambino's room to decorate, I can choose from pink or one of these colors:

Oh, who am I kidding, the bambino gets the analog wallpaper.  You just can't beat it.  Here's more of Amy's paper:

I'm kinda loving these graphics from Aimee even more than the wallpaper:

and, here that analog it is again, in technicolor!!

Aimee has also been commissioned by Vans to do a line of sneakers (none of which I could find on the Vans site)

Yep, I could rock that tote.  But call me, Aimee when you make an analog version.