Update: Orange You Glad I Said Banana?

I hope I didn't ruin the punchline for that knock-knock knee slapper, but it's late and I'm still hazy from all those martinis I swilled with Karlycakes until 3am last night. But I digress. Let's get down to blogging business, shall we? I broke my non laboring Labor Day pact because I felt the urgent need to foist this upon you:

banana wall

bananas 2

Yep, it's yet another wall that's carefully crammed with identical objects.

What's going on here? Are we feeling a little nervous about our dwindling global supply of golden skulls, Mexican wrestling masks and bananas? Are we laughing in the face of our fears by puffing our chests out and putting on a display of conspicuous consumption?

Or has wallpaper just become too safe?