Turkey is a State of Mind

I feel like every post I write begins with an apology -- for being sick, for moving, for having a kid, for maybe sort of kind of trying to have a life. Truth is, I'm tired. I get up every day and write a post because I still love blogging, but lately my posts have been crap. Not to put too fine a point on things. I have so many housey stories to tell you, several new thrifty purchases to share, plus a goody bag of trends I need to discuss... But you're going to have to wait until next week. Because mama needs a vacay from obsessing about furniture and white painted bricks.

Although I do love me some furniture and white painted bricks.

Anyhow, I'm packing up and headed east to Texarkana -- land of cowpies and fried okra -- to spend time with family. My beloved grandmother is moving into a nursing home after this holiday season, I'm going wedding dress shopping for my baby sister, and I might even watch some football. Panta Rei, people. Everything changes. You can't step in the same river twice so make it count.

I hope your turkey is magnificently overstuffed, juicy, and shared with fine company.

Until next week.

[Buckingham Interiors]