Trend Alert and Possible Overkill: Peacocks

Last Wednesday's post about sweet little taxidermied feather puppies lead me down a rabbit hole of all things peacock.  It's a really lovely tunnel to get stuck in, don't get me wrong:  The saturated colors of the flightless birdie alone are enough to design an entire house around.  But, well, how long could you live in that house?  How many Kenley-inspired headbands do we have to see before we bid this trend adieu?  There is most definitely a peacock trend happening, but I can't tell if it's just getting started or if we've already seen enough.  What do you think?

Clockwise from top left:

Peacock Dinner Plate from Anthropologie

The Pugs that started it all, originally posted on our blog here

Green Feather Print Lampshade (that is seriously what they are calling this - not, um, peacock lampshade, do you think the word peacock is copywritten or something.  how lame) Anyway, you can buy it from the crazy brits here

Rise and Fall Peacock Pillow from Urban Outfitters

Also from Urban Outfitters (and only $14!!!!!) 30" Peacock Printed Rug

Peacock throw pillow (decidedly more expensive than the rug - recession tip:  buy 2 rugs, sew them together & make a giant pillow) available here

Peacock tights, available all over the damn place, like here, here and here

Claw Money Customized Nike Vandal Hi, buy them here

The world's most impractical place-mat set for real available here

Electric Peacock tee (I love that it's nice and long) available from modcloth

Peacock don't-use-plastic-save-the-earth bottle here

No matter what happens with the peacock trend, I'm pretty sure I'll never get sick of this wallpaper from ferm living

Hanging Peacocks Here

World's Best Peacock Necklace (my name) available from Bona Drag

So, what say you, are you going to order every single thing I posted today, or have you had your fill?