Total Eclipse of the Art

Happy Monday everyone!  I trust that you have all recovered from your tryptophan hangovers and are ready to send faxes, return calls and kill time on my blog for the next few days.  You're excited, right?  Hmmmm, maybe not.  Me neither.  The turkey and vodka overload I've suffered for the last few days is still weighing heavy on my heart and impairing most of my motor skills.  Meanwhile, Erin survived her round trip drive with Ike but did manage to pick up a nasty cold so she's out for the count today.  To illustrate how we're both feeling, and to pay homage to our little recovering bloggers bust obsession, I bring you many pictures and few words about artist Nick van Woert.

Using plaster busts, plastic, and a technique I can't quite figure out, Nick recreates historical figures several times over in his Eclipse series.

Come on back this week, I promise we'll be fully recovered soon.  So soon, we may just have another give away.