This Is My Post For Today So There

So, I'm 4 weeks in to my return to blog land and I have yet to venture outside of our own blog for real inspiration.  Let us quickly recall such posts as the one about my coffee table, and the one about my brother's coffee table, and the one about the other coffee table that was so large that it was actually a 10-story tree house.  Something about this full time job slash full time mom gig keeps my leash short but when erin posted these psychedelic pics Monday I immediately craved an entire life shift into a home with small rooms that I could cover surface to surface with insane contrasting pattern.  And a naked lady needlepoint pillow. I stumbled upon the wallpaper company jannelli e volpi, which apparently is super famous and I'm supposed to have known about it but whatever.  Anyway, it looks like a few of their offerings will get me started on my knew psycho house fantasy.

Hell to the yes to the super saturated prisma color floral paper.  On the ceiling?  Yes, fine.

The more subtle little sister.  For the laundry room perhaps?

And lest we forget that they also do floors.  I'm seeing this in the garage.  Matt's not going to be allowed in there anymore.  It will be where I park some expensive black car like a Rolls Royce or some crap.

Oh, wait, did I forget to mention that they make this RGB wallpaper?  Oh geeze, I really didn't mean to make you wait for the most badass wall covering of all time.  Sorry guys.  So yeah, this paper is made from 3 overlapping designs, one entirely in blue, one in green and one in... you guessed it... red.  It rocks my face off so no bad comments.

Here it is from another angle.  You're welcome.