I've decided that I'm going to run off and join the circus.

I kind of miss the pageantry of it all... and the peanuts.

Haven't you ever wished to thumb your nose at gravity and hurtle through the air?

Or maybe just get clowny with the kids?

I suppose it might be old fashioned to dream of big top escapism, but I'm bored with restricting my grown up fantasies to white washed spas and hotels.

I've been working my ever loving ass off, and this weekend I'm not going to touch my damned computer. At all costs I am going to avoid the tv, aka demon box thief of time. I think I might repaint our bedroom furniture in a really bright, glossy shade of green. And maybe I will sign up for trapeze lessons here. I like to get high...

On life. Duh.

[Teatro Franco Parenti, Vancouver Circus School, Gene Simmons]