The Rug Bug

Hi friends, I know I know... I pretty much dropped off the face of the earth there. But the weather in Austin has been FABULOUS and that only lasts for about three weeks every year, so I've been trying to soak it up. And do masssssssssssive amounts of yardwork. And do some spring cleaning and stuff.

In other words, it's cocaine and hookers exciting around here.

I'm just kidding, CPS. Please don't take my children.

Anyway, what IS exciting is my new rug:

Hand knotted Nepalese wool and silk goodness... It's kinda cray but the pattern will hide a multitude of sins in a high traffic location, and it was dirt cheap for a 9x12 ($375).  It should arrive on Wednesday, so you can bet your sweet booty I will be waiting like a dog at the door for the postman until then.

In the meantime, I already have 800 million rugs yet I find myself continuing to bid on a few beauties here and there... (I really hope Ben isn't reading this post).

I wanted this 10x14 1920s Khorassan rug something painful, but it closed at approximately $700 more than my top bid. Thank bejeebus, because if it had closed $5 over I would have gotten down on my knees and punched the bare floor on its face.

And then there is this cheap vintage Turkish rug on craigslist which I am FORCING myself not to buy, even though it would be so cute in Ike's room... but I already have a rug in there. Right???

Basically I need to admit that I have a new addiction to add to art, lighting and chairs.

I have contracted the rug bug. It is very serious and difficult to cure.

I think the solution may be to pass it on to you?

Would you be interested in a vaguely edumacational/rug porn filled post about rugs and where to buy them?

Or should I put my next energies into showing you new rug in its new home?

As I type this Luke is trying to chew a hole through my computer cable, just so you know how much free time I have right now.

Rugs or house updates?

Thanks for reading!