The Perfect White?

So now that I have a fantasy house to help decorate, I've been busy as a bee collecting inspiration pictures and ideas for The Inlaws. Priority #1 is a complete kitchen overhaul, and I'm sure we'll discuss that ad nauseum later. For now I am preoccupying myself with determining an overall color palette for their house my vacation getaway. The space is not ginormous, but the ceilings are super high, it has tons of windows and it gets a lot of light. The floors are warm polished marble, like so:

The current neutral running throughout the house is not horrible, but it's a little too yellow (more yellow than this picture). The aqua walls have to go -- too cold and contemporary. The Inlaws have employed fairly traditional decor in the past, and I feel like my task will be to ever so gently nudge them toward clean lines with casual finishes. I'm headed for slightly more modern but still very comfortable (and hopefully with a splash of drama), as befits a super radical 70's pool house. They seem willing to go to there.

With that in mind, I'd like to solicit your ideas for the perfect white. The ideal candidate would stand 6'2", do dishes, and be sexy as hell. Or, you know, just look great on the walls. I have some ideas of my own, but I'd love to hear yours.

Help me out, peeps. Nothing too clinical or super ultra light. Something versatile and welcoming.

And... go!