The Flavor Of Love

Hot off the presses comes a new tour of epic proportions. Brace yourself for the live/work space of psychedelic wallpaper couturiers, Flavor Paper. Those familiar with Flavor Paper's vertigo inducing patterns drenched in acid brights are probably expecting to see rooms swathed tip to toe in bold, colorful prints, for example these latest offerings created in collaboration with rocker cum designer Lenny Kravitz:

While there are certainly some crazy flashy elements, the net result feeling of Flavor Paper owner Jon Sherman's living space is anything but one dimensional. It's not even two dimensional. Frankly, I'm not even sure it's of this dimension. Let's tour, shall we?

Lodged within a Cobble Hill warehouse, Flavor Paper makes use of its space by stacking a roof deck and penthouse atop their showroom and ground floor print studio.

The roof deck is a study in Memphis geometry.

And the living room oozes bachelor pad cool with its neon ground effects and jazzy art.

Mylar paper lines one wall of the bathroom, creating the perfect, ahem, foil for a super shiny luxe black tub.

Meanwhile, the master bedroom features a wavy papered ceiling in a muted colorway -- all the better to highlight the textured faux fur wall.

Marshmallows, anyone?

Smooth white limestone runs from the entry onto the counter, providing contrast for the dark moc croc embossed walls and kitchen cabinets. This is a classy custom joint.

I thought I had a plan to redo our master bedroom, but I was wrong. Velvet chevron bed/headboard/ceiling: check. Mounds of (hopefully) faux furry plushy goodness: check. A razzle dazzle gold wall, painted with the same pigments the US Treasury uses: check. Oh, and ps: wall to wall carpet is baaaaaaaa-ck.

The guest bathroom -- outfitted in what looks to be stainless herringbone tile -- is not to be denied.

And of course, no penthouse would be complete without its own DJ booth. This one has a little extra lagniappe, courtesy of the mural featuring a Mardi Gras Indian chief. Sherman obviously loves New York, but doesn't forget to pay homage to his New Orleans roots.

The lofty penthouse is shit-your-pants good, but the heart of the building is set at ground level for all the world to see:

Eat your heart out, Willy Wonka. Shiny foil wallpaper is even sexier than chocolate.

Many thanks to Raina of If the Lampshade Fits for directing me to the full story in NY Magazine.