The culmination of my favorite things, and some extra bonuses

When sifting through the virtual landfill gold-mine that is my list of bookmarks I was reminded that, once upon a time I had quite a sophisticated list of etsy faves: oh what has become of you little handmade friends? I thought (quite loudly and without shame) I must go to etsy, post haste! And what did fall upon mine eyes you ask?  Well, right there (RIGHT THERE) at the top of my dang list was the material manifestation of my 2 very favorite things:  horses (yes, i am a girl, whatcha got to say about it?) and laser (say it like your purrrrrinnng: laaayyyyyyyser) yes!  Laser is my cat and I love her more than AN-Y-THING.  If laser were to mate with a horse this is what the babies would look like:

laser horse

ahhhhh!!!!!  I can't stand it, the cute is too much!!!  Ok, wait, maybe just a little more:

laser horse 2

Laser Beam Mustang (or Laser Horse as I like to call them - hey Frank Lloyd Wright chopped up masterpieces, I can bend the name a bit) by Etsy seller thecellophanes.  I know that, like me, you are probably willing to spend up to 2 million or so dollars to have your very own laser horse, BUT!!!!!!  I understand that we can't all afford $62,000 on some soup can prints so I'm keepin it trill with this print for only $20.  gangsta.

After staring lovingly at my sweet precious laser horse I thought why golly gee, what else is stored in this treasure trove of etsy favorites?  What do all my readers have in their favorites?  If I show them mine will they show me theirs?  Here's a sampling of some of my homegoods:

deer man

Deerman and Lamb and Lamb by Melabo I actually own the deerman (and another one of her's with stacked kitty heads, AAAAdorable!) but she's still one of my favorites and I want you all to go get your own deermen so we can start a club and use the figurines as secret identifiers.

graffiti lamps

I also really dig these graffiti lamps that have been floating around the web a bit lately.  Graffiti trend or no, (that's an entirely different post!) I would let them shine their brilliant light across my typewriter keyboard while I typed out our club manifesto any day.  I will also use my lamp to cast light on my stationary while I  pen resurface a thank you note for making such lovely light fixtures.

mike light

Resurface also made this clever microphone light.  While I'm not in love with it in these pictures, close your eyes and picture it somewhere REALLY CUTE.  See!  Awesome, huh?

When I was little (meaning from birth until about today) I really really wanted a twin.  Boy, girl, identical, whatever, I didn't care, any old twin would do.  I used to think about how I could go back in time and be born with a twin, then I would realize that I couldn't and I would get all mad at my parents.  So, it's no wonder that I really like these prints:


I'm not usually into the wide-eyed japanamation style little girls, but the twin and creepiness factors out-weigh the doll baby faces so, yep, for $20 I'd probably be quite happy with this artandghosts print

did't believe me about the twins? (who would make that up?) well, here's more:

more twins

A Cage For Two Print by littlerobot

It should be noted that my wedding centerpieces were vintage (GOLD!!!) birdcages so this print really fills a soft little hole in my heart

Side note:  I think I might like to have a small wall covered in twin artwork.  What do we think of this?  Any great twin art out there that I should know about?

Well golly I sure have given you a lot of homework:  

1.  Show us your etsy faves

2.  Consider walls of twin artwork (bonus for links)

3.  Start secret club

Well, what did you expect, it is back to school time