Tell Me Everything You Know About This Sofa

I've decided to replace my sofa. The couch I have now is pretty cute but for every point it gets in style it looses 12 for comfort. I'm not in a huge rush (would love to have one sometime this summer) but don't want to drag this out by looking at every couch on the planet.

I had originally thought I would get the Petrie from crate and barrel, but with a $1600 price tag I'm a bit gun shy. Erin and I went to Macy's yesterday where we test drove the $699(!!!!) Corona sofa but I found it was only $699 worth of comfort and I left with my back cracking. Literally.

As soon as we got back to Erin's she forced the laptop on me and pointed me directly to CB2 (You remember Erin's documented shopping problem, yes?) It was then that I remembered this beauty:

At $999 the Bolla is $1 under my dream budget and thus, totally fair game. The only problem? The closest CB2 is eight million and sixty four miles away. This is where YOU come in.

Ok, who has seen this sofa in person? Or, dare I ask, sat on it? My husband and I are both tall. Like serious tall not like pretend tall (I'm 6' he's 6'4"). I get that we won't be able to lay across it, that's fine, I have this daybed in the same room for lounging. I want a nice, deep, comfy seat that's not too hard and not too soft. TELL ME EVERYTHING YOU KNOW.

Also, if you own this, how does it wear? I want to know all the practical details

Or, if you work for CB2, tell me about shipping returns if I get it and it makes me want to puke.

xoxo forever!