Note to Self: Do Not Misspell "Rose Cumming" Whilst Using the Google

Seriously. Do. Not. Do it. I warned you. If you actually type it correctly, you will be treated to a panoply of, ahem, somewhat less prurient wonders. Although not exactly XXX, Rose Cumming's wallpapers, fabrics, and interiors, do hold a distinct sex appeal of their own.

Her Zebrine wallpaper has gotten a fair amount of interest in recent years, but I'm actually more interested in the starry Galaxie prints (how cool would that be in a dark colorway for an unexpected kid's room?), and Sheryl -- a tufty hot number. The only problem is that RC's prints are to the trade, available through Dessin Fournir, and I have been to lazy to set up an account.

Anyone know if tufty time comes in colorways other than pink?

Yes, I know pink tufted walls would be cute in a girl's room. Sorry, but I can't go there. I may or may not have been traumatized by pink walls as a smallish child (and teenager).

Sidenote: thanks to everyone who left a comment on Friday's post, or shot me a lovely email filled with well wishes. Still hanging in there.

Yes. Just like that.

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