I'm Down With OCD

The paint problem has reached fever pitch. I awoke to about 500 sample swatches painted all over Ike's walls and had a major WTF?! moment this morning. Should I pick light Stonington Gray and just dewit, or should I pick a medium gray and hope that it will balance out the jumble of white and mahogany furniture I have amassed? Or should I go with the sample Sanders sent home with me yesterday, as seen in a very fancy Austin home featured in House Beautiful:

Oooooo, the dark! (and eeeeeewww, that bedskirt!)

Sanders gave me a pint of Wolf by Pratt and Lambert (they sell P&L paints over at his store) and it's gorgeous. But dark. Verrrrrrry dark. Too dark for a nursery/playroom? Too dark for what may be the best lit room in the house? Too dark for my tiny cojones? I just don't know. But I like it.

Meanwhile, Karly is all like, why are you painting over the blue? I like the blue. And I'm like... duuuurrrrr... I don't know. I'm so tired of a toddler trying to climb up the ladder behind me and rub his tiny grabby hands in paint (he has succeeded only once) that I am wondering the very same thing myself.

Except that, I don't actually like blue. The hormones made do it. The second I found out I was having a boy, I was all BLUE ROOM!!!!

Gross. Not that there's nothing actually wrong with blue, since it's the most adored color in the world -- there's something wrong with me. (it's not you, it's me. promise.)

Anyway, I need to take the day to reassess my motives. Light and kid friendly, dark and brooding, light with a dark accent wall (sounds very noncommittal at this point, which is somewhat appealing but also annoying), or some kind of medium neutral gray.

All advice and support is appreciated. You guys are the bestest support group for painting freaks ever.

Not that you are a freak or anything... but our tagline does say that Design Crisis is the fix for your creative compulsions.

So there you have it.