Inside Out

For this very, very brief moment in time, the weather in Austin is perfect. Last week dumped buckets of needed rain on the city, leaving such swaths of pastoral verdure (not to be confused with its close friend manure) all around town that I fully expect to see a flock of sheep crossing Congress Avenue whenever I drive downtown. It's so lush and atypically green that I want to live outside all day long. And so the Hunny and I have worked in the yard, barbecued, dined al fresco on patios, and generally lounged like lizards in the sun. All this is well and good, but by the end of the week it's going to be in the mid 90's (yep, it's Texas) and the glory of air conditioning will be our only saving grace. I think what I really need is a glass house so that I can enjoy the beauty of the great outdoors from the temperate, bug free comfort of the cushy indoors.

glass house krakow

I suppose this would do for a start.

jodlowa house

The Jodlowa House in Krakow, Poland, would suit my need for an interrupted view, plus it has a few added amenities that I think I could make quick use of.

jodlowa house

Honestly, I'm not sure how I have lived my entire life without an indoor pool. I have obviously been sorely deprived.

jodlowa house

It's ok to be naked in front of the tiny woodland creatures, right? I dream of having a house with neighbors so far away that curtains are totally superfluous.

jodlowa house

Also, I feel that if I had such an awesome view, my fingers would be magically inspired to bust out some Beethoven -- never mind that I am musically challenged.

Still I personally like a little more pizazz in my pad, so I'm all about the L House designed by Philippe Stuebi.

l house

I'm not usually into big box houses -- generally preferring low, sprawling structures -- but this house has a seductive mix of light and color that makes me want to break in and lock out the owners. Shouldn't be that hard to get into a glass house, right?

l house

Hubba hubba, do you see what I see?

l house

Yes, that is a glass walled LIBRARY, folks.

l house

And I really don't have the guts to paint a room fuchsia, but it looks so fabulous in an architecturally appropriate setting.

l house

Perhaps the biggest hurdle keeping me from living the outdoor dream is my damn computer, which I am tethered to 24/7. A glassy office would at least allow me to daydream about escape.

iwaan baan

I think the most practical solution to that particular dilemma would be to construct a glass office in the woods like this one, designed by Iwan Baan.

iwan baan

iwan baan

Don't these poor workers look like they are suffering terribly, what with the sunny yellow floors, mod furnishings and gorgeous views? Alright, maybe it's better that I don't work here, because I'm quite sure I would be too distracted by the beauty to get anything done.

iwan baan

Luckily, there is an escape hatch for when the going gets tough. Wouldn't want anyone to feel cooped up, now would we?

iwan baan

Since my yard is actually starting to look like this, I think I'm going to use my own escape hatch (ok, plain old door) and do some relaxing outside before the temperature becomes insanely unbearable and the mosquitoes carry me away. Ah, sweet, sweet nature.

There is no clever way to title a post about windows

My Friends Bryan and Hannah just bought a house, and, being the GENIUSES that they are, they contacted  me ASAP to inquire about window treatments coverings.  I hemmed and hawed over helping them.  I mean, there are only a few nice things a girl can fit into her 100 mph lifestyle.  Then I imagined, what if poor sweet Brian were to, say, fall victim to an injury and he had to, oh, I don't know, spend several weeks in a cast and wheelchair with nothing but a telescoping lens and Hannah's sketches and sandwiches to keep him company? Well, I really couldn't bear the thought of Brian suffering through such a tragedy without a beautifully dressed window to peak out of.  So, I decided to be the bigger person and help the kiddos out by compiling this small collection of window goodness.

Oh, one last thing before we get started, and this is VERY important... whenever Erin and I advise a friend via the blog, it is your responsibility, dear readers, to take a shot every time we type their names.  This is why we usually only help on Fridays.  This week is bonus because there are 2 names:  Hannah and Brian (shot! shot!)  Hooray!  Back to windows

My knee jerk reaction to any window dilemma is Roman Shades!  I love them!  I think it's because you get all the luxury of fabric but they're nice and crisp and tailored, not all flowy and showy.  I just bought some lovely black and white striped fabric to make roman shades for my bedroom that will look similar to this:

roman shades

Tracey Garet's home via Alkemie

roman 2

I will forgo the silly wooden sculpture and the fancy wing-back chair.  More Roman Shade Porn:


photo 1: Kelly Wearstler / photo 2: Muriel Brandolini via Desire to Inspire

The first picture shows that Roman shades really do have a decadent side, if you must.  The second shows their all out sex appeal.  Something about the sheer shade that creates texture and depth when it's folded is just oh so hot!  I've never really been a big fan of combined window treatments, what does everyone think of the roman shade paired with the printed curtain?

roman pairing

(I'm sorry, I can't remember where I found this picture)

MMMM, naaaa, I don't think I like it.. what about you Brian and Hannah?

yellow curtain

Photo by Paul Costello

If you're going to go with curtains, I say go with curtains.  These neon yellow over-sized raw silk numbers were clearly hand stitched by the angels in heaven, carried down by little doves and installed by tiny baby kittens with golden paws.  Clearly.  I also REALLY LOVE when curtains are hung at the top of a wall, just below the ceiling, despite how tall the windows are:


photo courtesy of survive style 5's flickr photostream

Some people like floor to ceiling curtains so much, they just skip the walls altogether, I strongly advise this:


Phillippe Stark via Desire to Inspire

I'm sure that Brian and Hannah's back patio looks very similar to the one below, in which case I suggest the following outdoor treatment:

red ceiling

from le Chateau Les Crayeres (via notcot)

Now that we're all sold on floor-to-ceiling, let's talk pattern.  Everything should match perfectly, right?


kelly wearstler

Ok, admittedly, I have a big, huge, giant soft spot in my heart for over-done pattern.  Go big or go home, I say.  Actually, I've never said that, but I do really love seeing every last inch of a room covered in a perfectly repeating pattern.  If Brian and Hanna would like to go with something less, um, dramatic, I would like to suggest a nice chevron or stripe:


Curtain Selection by House of Mann

Yes, I know that is not a window, but isn't that fabric to die for?  Yes, yes it is.  It will also be a perfect save incase Brian ever gets thrown in Jail and Hannah has to make a beautiful dress from her drapes so she can go find him and beg him for money. (Wear Gloves Hannah!!!)

Oh, and look at this luxurious floor to ceiling set up:


residential project by lazzarini pickering

I need to quickly interject and provide the most important piece of wisdom to Hannah and Brian:  no matter what, despite the type of curtain you choose and the height at which you choose to hang it you can never ever even consider for a moment hanging it with these:


I have just this very minute decided that I don't like them.  I think it's the wimpy cord, or the wimpy litle circles... maybe if the clasps were more substantial?  Oh, I don't know, they just look like they're trying to be a little too clever.  Speaking of clever, here are a couple of clever things that you might like:


ASCII Curtains via Nets 2 Go

Brian has one of those techy jobs that none of his friends ever totally grasp, so, I could be REALLY REALLY wrong on this one, but Brian just might appreciate that the above curtains are made from number patterns much like a programmer would see (I'm pretty positive he's not a programmer, though)  I think Hannah would like the tree, Hannah likes things that are sweet (did I tell you? she's a nurse).   That curtain is like Brian and Hannah:  computer-y and sweet.  If that curtain told you the most insanely dry and witty joke you've ever heard, then it would be exactly like Brian and Hannah.

Man you guys must be sauced right now!  Well, cover one eye and feast the other one on this:


Magnetic Curtain by Florian Kräutli via nets 2 go

Look!  It's magnets!  Magnets are holding that baby up.  No cords or nothing. awesome.

If Brian and Hannah decide, after reading this post, that they have a complete aversion to fabric, might I suggest some lovely indoor shudders:


1st option

Mmmmm, I really just like those more and more every time I see them.  Here's another non-fabric window option:


Emma Jeffs White Orba Adhesive Film available at Design Public

Just slap a sticker on it and you're good to go (note, stickers are NOT OK on walls, just windows and only under the right circumstance)

Now if Brian and Hannah are blessed enough to have windows like this, then I suggest no treatment at all:

dream window

dream photo courtesy of survive style 5's flickr photostream

Happy early weekend, kids, and good luck sleeping off those hangovers