Jazzing Up a White Kitchen

I can't believe how behind I am on blogging. Sorry to all of you whom I owe comments and emails and proof that I am alive and breathing -- last week just whipped my ass. I'm back in full 75% force and I'm here to tell you that designing a kitchen on a tight timeline is stressful business. But after endless Ikea trips plus a drive to the cheapest granite showroom ever in San Antonio, I think the inlaws have a fancy plan in the works and it's going to be awesome. The material palette is pretty basic: white cabinets, black granite counters and white subway tile. Clean and classic, but homegirl is going to need accessories. Let's discuss.

The kitchen is fairly small, so a monochromatic palette filled with interesting objects would be lovely.

As much as I'm dying to spread some wallpaper all up in that joint, I don't think there's really enough wall space. Otherwise, this would be my secret plan...

Simple, colorful art and accessories are a possibility. Owls need not apply, however.

I know this is kind of cheating since the kitchen isn't really all white, but I love the natural drama that the plants and buddha bring to this (admittedly spectacular) space.

Of course Naomi over at Design Manifest is an expert at this sort of thing, being a kitchen designer as she is. I love her suggestion of using a colorful rug to bring in the bling.

Although a part of me is still holding out for this poppy setup...

blue and white kitchen

Currently this is my favorite idea for jazzing up their particular kitchen. Interesting shades and a few small vases and bowls totally transform everything.

That's it for today. I'm still kind of sleepwalking, but tomorrow I will be 100% awesome.

85% Guaranteed.

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