You People are the Best People in the World

Sorry I couldn't respond to all your wonderful advice yesterday, but since the doctor stole a gallon of my blood, made me drink a hideous glucose confection, and gave me a shot to which I had some weird feverish reaction, I thought it best to hide out until I could string three words together without sounding like a raving brain dead pregnant lunatic. Although let's face it -- that's pretty much who I am 24/7 these days.

Anyhow, I read and greatly appreciated every single one of your comments. Thank you! Extra special thanks to those I psycho emailed with 800 questions. I feel ever so much better today and will try to avoid doing that again... no promises, though.

So, I started reviewing my dining inspiration files and noticed a distinct trend:

White, white, and more white tulip tables.

I know the wood tops are sexy and seductive, but I think for longevity a white table will afford me the most possibilities. ANYTHING goes with a white tulip table. Anything.

See? It's just as happy with traditional as with modern.

So now the question is marble or painted white. Both have their pros and cons. I'm going to call the sales rep today and let him try to talk me into the marble -- it's only $336 more so I'm going to splurge if I think it's a sound purchase.

Will let you know how it goes.

And thank you for talking me out of the rugs. As much as I hate my tile, I just cannot make two big decisions at once.

You guys are the deciders and I love you.

[Casa Orlandi, Barrie Benson, Yatzer, Tom Scheerer, Barrie Benson, unknown, Decorno, Fawn Galli, Christian May, all via pinterest]