In Living Color

From where I stand, things are about 2872% better than they were last week -- give or take a percentage point. I would hate to be accused of hyperbole. I attribute this meteoric rise in not crappiness to three things: #1. None of us are sick. Hoomutherbleepinray!

#2. Wine. Lots of it.

#3. A clean house. We scrubbed everything down and flipped our flatweave leather rug over. Best decision EVER. I'm never buying a single sided rug again -- well, at least not until Ike learns to stop rubbing his yogurt face all over everything. So, maybe after he goes off to college?

To celebrate my new glitter encrusted sparkly rainbow unicorn outlook, I'm going to lift the angry ban on color and post some rooms guaranteed to tickle your pleasure center. If you're at work, try not to have a When Harry Met Sally moment when you peruse these...

Miles Redd

Via MFAMB. Does anyone know where I can find the more pictures of this house? I am total lust with that coffee table.

Molly Luetkemeyer of M Designs (psst, check out her blog here)

Nate Berkus

Elle France

That was some powerful stuff. I hope you did a good job hiding your nasty face from prying eyes.