I'll just take it for a little spin and maybe show it off to a couple of friends

Mamma's off to pick up a new set of wheels today, in honor of my big girl purchase, here are some pics of cars I had to pass up (damn those artsy scandinavians!)

zebra volvo

even though I'm getting a volvo (my 4th one in 14 years thankyouverymuch) unfortunately it's not one of these ferociously patterned beasts.  If I had a million dollars and / or the ability to pirate a cargo ship from sweden I'd probably pick the diagonal stripped one, you know, for subtlety:

volvo pattern

which would you choose?  come on, pretend you're lil Kim or Miriah Carey and really want to show the world your tacky side:


patterned volvos

Because, oddly enough, I have not mastered any of the Nordic languages, I really can't tell you much about these gems, except that they're only sold in the Netherlands.  Of course.

I'm pretty stoked on the (not so new) volvo I'm buying today, but once Michael Phelps is done all his press appearances (thanks for the round the clock updates, Nerdy Fashionista) he promised to buy me this:


sharpie lamborghini

what's that you say?  You can't tell that this Lamborghini is totally tricked out in sharpie graffiti?  Here are some close ups:

sharpie lamborghini

sharpie Lamborghini

photo's courtesy of VOD Cars flickr photo stream

Nerdy and I are going to look so hot when we pull up with Michael at the Goldbar (we won't even need that silly reservation)


PS.  Since you're probably procrastinating on this Friday afternoon,  you should totally check out the VOLVO site, they let you play decorate-your-car-party, you can pick patterns for the body, colors for the trim, as well as seat and rug colors... sort of like the vans site for people with money.