I Don't Usually Like Purple, But I Might Be OK With This

I always counted purple as my least favorite color, mostly because it makes me look like have the stomach flu. But I'm developing a thing for rich aubergines and eggplants. Have I just succumbed to marketing since Benjamin Moore has forecasted Vintage Wine to be the color of 2011? Maybe. But at least I'm not falling for Pantone's bile inducing pick, Honeysuckle (also, do they not know that honeysuckle is YELLOW not pink?!).

Marie Claire Maison

Look how kapow bam! dark purple is paired with marigold yellow. That cat knows what's the bizness.

I don't know about you dudes, but I desperately need a nap after surviving the first week back from holiday. If I'm not back by Monday afternoon, somebody sound the alarm. Happy weekend!