Crazy Wallpaper Friday

This one's not really a big deal. Oh it's just an evil monkey on acid. And a masked man cradling a cudgel like nobody's business.

Let's unpack this nightmare.

Eyes Wide Shut scary harlequin man is obviously sidling up to tweety with malevolent designs in mind. Hello? That's not a flute. Flutes are for happy things. And demon face devil monkey is up to no good -- check at those murder hands. You know, the ones where his feet should be. Meanwhile Timmy the turtle is carrying on like this is some ho hum everyday shit and we all know it isn't because even the cherub is hanging on for dear life. Between you and me, I think he's turned to the dark side. Sorry, Jesus.

Put this in a kid's room and warp their sweet little minds FOR EVER.

Scalamandre's Venetian Carnival.

Don't say I didn't warn you that this wallpaper may strangle you while you sleep.