Buying Stuff Makes Me Feel Better

Shallow? Absolutely. True? Without a doubt. I can't tell you how much it sucks to be under house arrest because of pregnancy complications. I can't lift anything or walk a lot, so me and the outside world are no longer bffs. Plus I've been super ultra mega sick, so for the last week Better Half Ben and the sweet inlaws have wrangled Ike, leaving me in relative peace to get some R&R. In other words, it's just been me and the computer. Danger!

So, yeah -- I bought this rug. After your response to the last post on leopard, I decided I could risk $240 on something that will at the very least be a kid friendly, plush landing pad. I realize no one will confuse this with Mr. Leopardo, but Momma ain't made of money. I think the colorway will be decently neutral, and the spots aren't gargantuan like some of the other creepy leopard/leprosy rugs out there. Now, where should this bad boy live?

Look! I took an actual real picture of our house! I'm painfully aware that it looks like shitballs, but this is what happens when you can't haul around a tripod. Ok, let's discuss my plans for this area. The dining table used to be back here, but I hated it so this will be an open, not hideous kid play station with a comfy sitting area for me. The rocker is getting sold, for realz. I have an antique Chinese scroll for the long wall. The lamps need new shades (help! I usually have very strong lampshade opinions but these guys have me stumped...). The art can stay or go. I would like to flank the credenza with a pair of matching chairs -- something plush but colorful. Maybe these?

If I had the budget I would do these, but the sellers must have a brain tumor or something.

If I were decorating someone else's house -- someone with more money than me -- I would force them to have two wingback chairs reupholstered in cut velvet flamestitch fabric. I should have bought this chair, but I let it get away from me and it makes me want to punch a wall.

I digress. Basically I want to keep a palette of neutrals and jewel tones. I could switch the painting for this guy:

And do emerald/teal/neutralish chairs... assuming I can find them.

And then there is leopard rug himself. The dimensions of the space I bought it for are tricky, so if it doesn't fit I may move in a Persian rug (two Persian rugs in the same space... hmmm?) and put leopard in the front room (per Karly's suggestion).

Look, that's our front room! Doesn't the presence of actual REAL pictures from our house make your head want to explode? It does mine, but that may just be a sinus infection. I know Leopard would look nice in here if he doesn't work in the play area. It's always nice to have a backup plan, right?

ps: please notice the wallpaper samples in the hallway. There are sooooo many more now. I have way too many things going on at once.

So, let's recap some of the issues at hand.

1) To leopard in the play area or the front room? I will wait until it arrives to assess.

2) Which art do you prefer -- the seascape or the abstract? I also have a fabulous antique mirror I could do if the rug+chair combo gets busy and that wall needs something more neutral.

3) What kind of chairs? Should I spring for custom upholstery? I'm super scared of the price tag.

4) What the hell kind of lampshades go on those lamps???

5) I need tylenol, pronto.

Ok, buddies. I will be refreshing your comments every three seconds, so boss me around and tell me what to do.