We Bought a House!

Yes. What could be more exciting, save winning the Nobel Prize -- or perhaps waking to discover that my body is 18 again yet my mind is still 35? Those two things will probably never happen, so new house wins. In all seriousness, we are uber excited but also having some bittersweet moments. We miss our fabulous neighbors already, and are plagued by sad musings about our good ol' 60s rancher. Plus we are exhausted and my back is broken (18 year old body? please?). We have lots of work to do here before our house goes on the market early next week (gasp!), plus we have renovations to schedule and complete on the new house. The new house that closes in a week. Now you know why my posts have been so short and shitty of late. Sorry, dudes. Did I mention that new house wins?

Speaking of, let's tour that sucker and think about what must be done to make it habitable.

Yep. It's that one. So, I got the 70s house I always wanted, except that it's not exactly the 70s house I always wanted. What can I say? The extra bedroom, culdesac, greenbelt, and schools, appealed to my 35 year old mind. Being able to walk to Whole Foods doesn't hurt, either. Someone please send me a new paint scheme. Stat.

It has 20 foot ceilings and nice big windows. With bars on them. Because the sellers are NUTS. So, the floor is coming out -- natural oak, yes? I am repainting, including the fireplace. Neutral color suggestions, please????? And I'm on the fence about the fans... It is very hot in Texas, ya'll. Should I raise them? Get white fans? Burn them?Just kidding. The last one is not an option.

Oh boy. This is a biggie. I would love to rip it allll out, but... I can't. I have to prioritize, and the new wood floors are going to kill us. So, do I paint the cabinets white, change the backsplash and live with it? Do I spend a little more to reface the cabinets? Or do I save for the next FIVE YEARS and rip out the whole thing? ps: the tile and granite are not awesome but not horrible, either.

I'm considering using this as our main dining area and using the real (and small) dining room as a study/library. What do you think? Are dining rooms a colossal waste of space? And don't worry -- THE BARS MUST GO.

Tim Gunn would be concerned about the taste level here.

The master was horribly photographed, but it has a huge window seat. New floors are coming.

The master bath is actually enormous, with HUGE closets. Yay!!! Paint the cabinets, new tile (someday).

Detached garage, covered patio with skylights.

I am a sucker for a huge shady yard.

Ok, that's the tour. My mind is whirling with possibilities. I am thinking 20s as inspiration -- a mix of dark antiques, classic deco, and some leggy Jacques Adnet type pieces to lighten it up. Ok, and maybe the odd 50s Guariche. And maybe some brassy chromey 70s pieces.

Who am I kidding? It will be eclectic. Whatever that means.

The Tudors

We're still (eternally) shopping for houses, and I need your savvy input. What do you think of Tudor home design?

Sure this sucker is wearing way too much eyeliner, but is there anything that could be done to save it -- to modern it up while retaining its vintage English charm?

I mean, I really always imagined myself in something more like so, but Daddy Warbucks hasn't adopted me yet. What if I did up that Tudor more like this?

acid wasp

acid wasp

And less like this?


Could it work?

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