I'm Back I'm Back I'm Back

Somebody slap me in the face! I've spent the last weeks of blogcation idling away my free time -- by which I mean I had very good hair, cooked some very delicious meals, and managed a very cleanish house. Oh, and I bought some very cute shoes, but we shall discuss that later this week. All in all it was lovely, however Karly is now so completely pregnant that she can't even sit up to type and GOOD LORD (or whatever) the girl deserves a break, so I'm taking the blog back... albeit a little halfheartedly.

I am definitely going to miss my good hair.

But I get that it's time to regroup and re energize. Despite the fact that I have barely touched my computer (other than to shoe shop), that I haven't read a blog since prehistoric times (like, weeks ago), that I haven't answered a great many emails (sorry, guys) and am, in fact, a horrible, terrible person, I'm back. I'm back, and it's time to fuck some shit up.

A solid gold bedroom by Dolce and Gabbana.

african haircuts marie claire

Karly has almost bought one of those African haircut plaques about 140 times so this little ray of sunshine goes out to her... image via Marie Claire Maison.

via style files

Bubbles! Yeah, that's where we're at these days. via nytimes.

marjorie kouras

Some old school crazy by Marjorie Skouras.

I am going to give Ike a can of spraypaint and pray this comes out of his chubby little angel baby hands. Courtesy of Gary Hutton Design.

There's more fun where that came from.

Because I'm back.

Did I mention that I'm back?