Gobble Gobble

Happy almost Thanksgiving, blog buddies! Karly and I will be taking the rest of the week off to stuff our faces, and I hope you'll be doing the same. That way, we won't feel so bad about slacking. Because if nobody does their homework, then we all win! Hooray! So, I'm actually in Texarkana doing the family thing, and I didn't have much time to write this post before I left. I was very busy preparing for the apocalypse -- by which I mean the six hour drive with a baby who hates his carseat -- but I did have time to snap this picture of a giant TURKEY! glass Karly snagged for me at our local Thriftown. The exclamation point is pretty special.


And I deserve an exclamation point. You see, before I got pregnant I was a vegetarian and had been for over a decade. Then, the tiny fetus inside me raised his tiny fetus hands in hunger and beat the insides of my uterus senseless, asking -- nay demanding -- that I eat turkey. And so I did. And so I still do. And... it's quite delicious. In fact, I now know everything there is to know about turkey. They's deli turkey, smoked turkey, honey baked turkey, fried turkey, turkey pot pies, turkey tacos, turkey bacon, turkey sausage, turkey dogs, turkey (meat)balls...

So, this Thanksgiving is extra special for me. I could say it's because I actually get to enjoy the annual bird, but it's more that I get to avoid the annual suspicious looks that dart forth from my beloved relatives' confused visages: "What do you mean you don't eat meat? Turkey ain't meat!" Vegetarians make country folk jumpy.

And do you know what? I'm not sure I can blame them.

Have a super holiday! Back on Monday with tales of the travails travels.