Two Heads Are Better Than One

For a long while I've lived in a frightening jungle of chaos, which I had the temerity to label "eclecticism." Don't get me wrong -- I love a good mix, but now I'm working on adding some match. I simply don't think my Type A control freak personality is right for the boho jumble (which some people obviously put together with super panache and style). Because when I try, it just comes off as bag lady chic. Thanks to your comments and emails on this frantic post, I've turned to the symmetry side. I need some pairs of things. This may require buying actual new furniture (ARRGGHHH), which is a terrifying prospect... so terrifying that I will probably procrastinate. A lot.

So for now I'm going to study a bit.

miro ethnic

Suss out the possibilities.

I do love a good pair of interesting objects.

This is my favorite room right now. I want my house to look like this, forever and ever. Amen.

Look at that -- four pictures. No odd numbers. Two pairs -- I am working on this symmetry thing already.

Or I am turning into Rain Man.


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