Happy Birthday Cancerians!

October must have been a busy month for boom chicka boom boom, because I sure do know a lot of July babies. Besides myself and my baby brother who share the same birthday (July 25, and we're Leos of course), there is my dear sweet dad, whose birthday is today.

daddy and me

How cute is my dad?! Ignore the chubby flower girl.

Besides my dad, there's also Better Half Ben (who turns a million next week), and there are several friends plus most of my cousins. But most pressingly there is Ike, who turned TWO FREAKING YEARS OLD yesterday. Yikes! I won't get crazy with the long letter writing like I did last year, but I do want to share a couple of my favorite recent pics.

That's my little baby face. Too bad I accidentally gave him a bowl cut yesterday... just in time for his big birthday party this weekend.

Oh well. It wouldn't be much of a childhood without ugly hairdos, now would it?

Happy weekend, y'all!


When you have a toddler, the force required for a night away is roughly equal to the escape velocity needed to exit the earth's atmosphere. In other words, a baby free vacation is about as likely as flying to the moon. And yet, by the time you read this I will be on a plane en route to New York with a friend for a good old fashioned girl's weekend. Just typing those words makes me feel like I might pee on myself accidentally -- like a kid on Christmas -- because the excitement is TOO MUCH. But I'm also more than a little sad. I hope Ben remembers to feed Ike. And squeeze his chubby little legs for me. And smell his pretty hair.

Thankfully I don't really have time to worry too much about that, because I am busy packing and yelping and trying to figure out how to enjoy New York without looking like a total douchewad tourist.

Ok, maybe I'm a little worried that I will come home to an unwashed baby who has subsisted mainly on soda and cookies in my absence...

Surely not, right? Everything will be fine, right? Right?

Ok, must finish packing. And preparing wholesome baby lunches. And trying not to panic. And definitely not sleeping...

I'm out. See you dudes next week!

[All photos by the amazing Martin Parr]

Five Good Things

Enough with the sick talk around here. Today I'm going to find five things that make me happy. Ready?

#1. Tornadoes haven't killed me yet.

The swath of destruction following the most devastating tornado season in decades is just staggering. I grew up in tornado alley and much of my family still lives there, so I'm very grateful no one has awakened to find themselves in Oz... or somewhere much worse.

#2. I'm glad I don't have to live my life under a microscope.

I'm sure that most of the world is envious of Kate Middleton's fairy tale romance and marriage to Prince Charming, but not me. That kind of attention makes my skin crawl.

She spent the last evening of her "normal" life at the historic Goring Hotel. Even the sheep looks concerned.

#3. I have a normal, happy kid.

Excepting this past week of plague like sickness, he's pretty healthy, too. I understand many parents can't say the same, and my heart goes out to them. I know how lucky I am. Maybe I should buy that kid a sandbox.

#4. Blogging has introduced me to some amazing people.

I ain't gonna lie -- blogging can be a grind sometimes. I'm busy with real life, plus my brain is often working against me, but the people are worth it. Your comments and emails make my day. I think we need to have a supperblogger superconference that pretends to hinge on decor and design, but is actually fueled by martinis and dancing.

That's some totally sincere Hands Across America shit for you. I think I feel a tear escaping my eye.

#5. It's Friday.

Here's a pretty picture from Rees Roberts to take you to the happy place.

modern swimming pool

Have a great weekend, everyone!