Recently Sherrie over at the Claw organized a swap for her readers and fellow bloggers.  The idea was simple: sign up, get assigned a person, send that person a couple of goodies and a mix CD, you in turn will get the same from someone else.  I suppose it's a way to feel thanked for all this difficult blogging we do all day long.  Right?  Maybe. Well!!! Little did Erin and I know that Gracie from Woolgathering & Miscellany was going to ROCK OUR WORLDS with her amazing package... and packaging!!!!

Everyone needs a welcome message once the lid of the box is opened, right?  Yes!

And not one, but two baby owls so Erin and I don't have to battle royal to give the cute bird a home

My favorite are these hand-stamped note cards that say "from the desk of Erin Williamson" and "from the desk of Karly Hand"  I can't wait to have something important to write and pass along to someone

AND a decorated CD AND cute little goodies.  Seriously, the girl is way outshining us!

Hina likes the giftwrap.

Thank you Gracie!!!  The gifts were lovely, now, if only we can get our act together long enough to ship out the gift we have for LCP.