Holiday Gift Guide: Under 25

Friends, it's that time of year again -- time to open your hearts (and wallets) to the magic of the holiday spirit. It's easy to get caught up the in the whirlwind of Cabbage Patch Kids, Tickle Me Elmos and Zhu Zhu pets, but let's all agree on something: giving gifts should feel good, and getting your post holiday bank statement shouldn't induce an aneurysm. So, kick back and celebrate with a variety of fiscally fun gifts that will have everyone singing joy to the world  -- all you boys and girls.

holiday gift guide under 25

Gifts for everyone! Clockwise from top left: Marie Gardeski hand soap $20 | Gracia + Selena gold leafed soup bowl $15 | 35mm pinhole camera kit $27 | Stephen Crowhurst playing cards $14.

holiday gift guide under 25

Groovy expandable vinyl bags made from recycled billboards collapse into flat discs for easy packing. Stretch Bag $16.

cashmere arm warmers

Stay warm Cyndi Lauper style: recycled cashmere and angora arm warmers by cashmeredejavu on Etsy $10.

thinkgeek shirts

Shirts for the lovable nerd in your life: My Blood Is Rich In Irony shirt, $12 | Heavy Metal shirt $16.

holiday gift guide under 25

Statement jewelry that won't break the bank: Diamond Ring in red acrylic $12.

holiday gift guide under 25

Rock out with your bling out. Ear buds $10.

holiday gift guide under 25

Part Francis Bacon, part intergalactic apocalypse, 100% awesome. Disco Peak print by Ricky Allman $20.

holiday gift guide under 25

All they want to do is dance. Critters Windup $12.

holiday gift guide under 25

Find out if cats really always land on their feet. Cat-a-pult $10.

holiday gift guide under 25

Streamlined design makes cooking fun tolerable. Sagaform stainless steel and wood cake serving set $22 | Sagaform self watering herb pot $20

holiday gift guide under 25

Ahoy matey! These napkin rings can be custom made with your initials. From Brooklynrehab on Etsy. Set of six $24.

holiday gift guide under 25

High style shakers will add pep to your prep. Icosa by Tai Design $29.

holiday gift guide under 25

Clean your plate and uncover a colorful surprise. Eating brussel sprouts has never been so fun! Poketo's The Middletons series, set of two $24.

holiday gift guide under 25

You know you want to. Fisticup $15.

holiday gift guide under 25

Have some Mondrian with your Lichtenstein. I want these tumblers so badly... $8 each.

holiday gift guide under 25

Drinking makes learning fun. Coastermaths, set of five $22.

holiday gift guide under 25

I know what Karly wants for Christmas... Wild Horses kitchen towel $12.

Shall I admit that I kind of despise Christmas? Whenever December rolls around I get antsy and Grinchy, and I start cursing a lot under (and over) my breath. But this little dude has melted my icy, two sizes too small heart.

holiday gift guide under 25

Happy lil' Christmas gnome, handmade by Stephanie of Even Cleveland. Tie him to presents or hang him from your tree. For $7, that's a whole lot of love.

Tomorrow Karly will be back with a deluge of great gifts under $50, so come on back and bring your checkbook.

I promise it won't hurt a bit.

Yep, Still the Holiday Gift Guide: $100(ish) Edition

When I was going over the photos I had gathered for today's post, I realize that these are not so much gift suggestions for the world at large, they're more like gift suggestions for, well, me.  Bright and colorful?  check.  Silly and ridiculous? check.  Price tag larger than my budget?  Checkity, check, check! Yep, today is the $100(ish) edition and I've rounded up my fave finds - of the minute - from the world wide web.  I've also tossed in a few goodies that could have fallen into previous under $25 and under $50 posts because I'm cool like that.  

Let's start today's guide with gifts for the fellas:

Is your man super smart and loves to look like a jackass?  So is mine, that is why I am pondering any of the following for mattybear:

1.  (HANDMADE) Fool's Gold, narrow or skinny screenprinted microfiber necktie by etsy user Toybreaker, one tie = $30  (see I told you I'd hook you up)

2.  LED Binary Watch from, (i do not pretend to understand how this works, too much estrogen) one watch, $69.99

3.  Nippon Work Gloves, available in 12 designs from Brooklyn 5 and 10, one pair, $20

4.  (for the little matt in your life) Star Wars R2-D2 backpack from Fred Flare, $65

Enough about boy stuff.  How about some ladies fashion:

1. (HANDMADE) Panda Snacks Necklace from Naughty Secretary Club.  (I have seen this bad mama jamma in person and the photo does not do it justice... making the price tag worth while), $130

2. (HANDMADE) Modern Rock Ring by Metalicious, Cast sterling "diamond" on gold-plated ring, $75

3. (HANDMADE) Summer Fashion Shoes designed by Bunka, don't let the word "summer" scare you, these kicks rock, $47

4. (HANDMADE) necklush ultra - orange with print by etsy seller, Necklush, $65  (I am obsessed with these!!!  must. have. one)

5. (HANDMADE) tangled with bakelite necklace by t8designs, $89

6. (HANDMADE) Um Carry felt purse, $95

7. (HANDMADE) demano Marbella tote made from recycled Italian PVC banners, $72

So by know you're probably wondering who the hell gives shoes for Christmas and that I am doing a terrible job with this guide.  I'll pause while you scroll up and check out those wheels again.

..... See.  Moving on.

Chances are you probably have some kid you have to buy a holiday gift for.  We all do, it's ok.  Here is what I would want if I were said child:

1. (HANDMADE) wunder toy pantonino, pantone stuffed doll  (it's never too early to learn your pantone colors, right?) only $38

2. (HANDMADE) Baby Bunting by Brooklyn Junior.  This makes me want to move somewhere cold when I procreate, that suit is kickin.  $52

3. (ALL NATURAL!) Pony, price available from horse breeders across the country

4. Color Wheel Puzzle, from (sorry) Pottery Barn.  But how cool is that?  It's possibly the best baby toy ever and it's only $20

5. Labyrinth Balancing Board (David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly not included) Christmas is all about playing with stupid toys after all the presents are unwrapped.  Get this for Junior and watch Uncle Bill try to master it while the ham is roasting, $69 - $99

Don't hang out with breeders?  Good, you won't want any spittle next to these expensive gifts:

1. Orimono Pillow from Anthropologie, $88

2. Thomas Paul Imperial Horse Linen Pillow (incase the real pony falls through), $100

Know anyone who likes subversive home goods (ahem!)  Try one of these:

1.  Terrorist Tea Pot, this UK item might not make it before Christmas, but it's worth the wait, 20 Euros

2. Charity Money Box (remind your recipient to save up for you next Christmas!) 20 Euros

3. (HANDMADE) A-Light South Third.  Who gives a lamp for Christmas?  Probably someone with badass shoes and great taste in lamps, $75

4.  Wall Mounted Candle Holder, $95

5. hand grenade oil lamps by piet houtenbos.  They're gold.  Need I say more? $65

6. (high price alert!) Carlos Night Light.  TOTALLY worth the extra 32 clams, $132

7.  New York Delft Plate Set, They may be all over the internet, but have you seen them on a table yet?  Swoon, 5-piece place setting, $80

Here are a few more pieces to spice up your pal's table:

1.  (HANDMADE) Large Black Holy Bowl, by etsy seller chloelepichon, $100

2.  (HANDMADE) Large urchin bowl, $95

3. (HANDMADE) Blaue Blume Tea cup -White with gold shoes (love love love!), $59

4. (HANDMADE) Blaue Blume Milk jug -White with gold shoes (still loving!), $59

And finally, I've got a holiday gift soup, filled with all the left overs and random good stuff that didn't go go with any of the above pictures:

1. (HANDMADE) Plantorb, you put plants in it, silly, $104

2. (HANDMADE) Irana Douer Hair Pillow, AUD 30

3. Flower Piglet Piggy Bank, incase you think the charity bank might make your friends cry, $77

4. (HANDMADE) Hand Blown Cupcake stand, I've always wanted a glass cake stand, but now I want this, $60

5.  (EDITOR'S PICK)  Everyone loves booze, right?  even kids.  Give my favorite, Crios Torrontes.  Yum, it tastes like Chanel, $15 / bottle (hey, it's not my favorite for nothin')

6.  Carrie Bicycle Basket (is it named after the Sex in the City Carrie or the Blood Bath Prom Queen, Carrie?  Hopefully the latter).  Anyway, it's cute:  buy it for a friend with a bike, $65

Oh my gosh I can't believe I made it to the end.  Did you see all of those links?  Did you?  I think I am going to toss back that Editor's Pick in celebration.  Happy Shopping.


Holiday Gift Guide - Under $25

I know, I know, you all are sick of Christmas stuff all over the entire world wide web and you were really hoping that your cynical friends over at Design Crisis would rise above it.  Sorry.  Not only am I bringing you an under $25 round-up, we're going to be Holiday-Guiding it up all week long.  Recession woes got you down?  Today's your day.  Save up a few grand for the holidays?  Check back mid-week.  Living off inherited cash from Daddy's oil well?  Stop back by on Friday. Unfortunately, I fall into the first category.  Plus, I subscribe to the one for them / one for me school of holiday shopping, so I have to keep the numbers down.  Let's round this up already, shall we?

(I am actually writing this late sunday night, and I am as tired as can be, so, today, in exchange for snarky comments, you're getting bullet-point links.  Sorry, and I still love you).  (also, handmade items are noted, hooray!)

1. (HANDMADE) The Middletons Plate Set  2 plates = $24

2. Areaware Pico Bunny Pillow $24 

3. Red Cross Doormat $25  (I have this and LOVE it!)

4. Areaware Pico Blue Penguin Pillow $24

1. (HANDMADE) Dot Bowl in Felted Wool one bowl, $14

2. (HANDMADE) Small Faux Bois Vessel $25

3 & 4. (HANDMADE) Skinny Laminx Tea Towels $12 each

1. Raised By Wolves organic cotton onesie $16

2. (HANDMADE) Whistle Bear, mounted paper cut out, $26 (hey, what's one extra dollar?)

3. (HANDMADE) Naughty Secretary Club Abe Was A Babe Necklace $22

4. (HANDMADE) Play With Me Leather Earrings $26

5. (HANDMADE) Early Eve Elephant, mounted paper cut out, $26

6. (HANDMADE) Monogram Totebag (they have every letter) size small, $22

7. (HANDMADE) Baseball Cuff $25

1 & 2. Prints by William Crump at 20 x 200, $20

3 & 4. (HANDMADE) Prints by Restless Things, $4 & $17.50

(HANDMADE) 2009 Calendar  $25

1. Catalina Estrada Wallet $20 

2. Detail of Catalina Estrada Wallet

3. Seibei Strange Invaders T-Shirt $22

4. Knife Wall Hook $25

And, finally, if you want to know what to get me for under $25:

D.I.Y. Swan Ice Sculpture Kit, $20.  Booya