Superflossy Superfly Supergraphic

I'm taking a breather from publicly flipping out over the house hunt today, but that doesn't mean I'm not feverishly searching for inspiration just in case we do sign on the dotted line. It's a safe bet that whatever we buy will need renovation. Most houses we like were built in the 70s and have remained in museum like condition -- carpet, faux wood paneling, and drop down ceilings included. I found this sweet little apartment in AD and first glommed on to the walls, then moved on to the floors.

It would be really helpful if I read cyrillic so I could tell you who is responsible for this hottie, but I'm a romance language only kind of a girl. When I see all those squiggly lines, I just want to bust out my calculator and solve for X.

Damn you, American language skills! Who are you people? In completely unrelated news, I think I spy her underpants. Ok, enough with the non sequiturs. Back to the apartment.

Check out those floors! They look like cerused oak, but I'm guessing not since ceruse is apparently some kind of toxic lead based chemical. A two step stain and wax, maybe? Whatever the case, I adore them. Dark and sexy, but not overpowering. Plus I think they would hide dust fairly well. Bonus!

Those chairs... sucker punch to the love gut. I also like how there's no molding in the space -- everything is super crisp and clean, and the paint heightens the arty architectural feel. The floor provides the perfect textural foil.

So good. The color palette is uber unique.

Sorry this picture is wee (and that there's a weird cutoff letter at the bottom of the frame), but check out the spacey bathroom. So awesome.

What do you think about the floors? Do you think an ordinary house could handle this kind of wall treatment? Do you think you could be comfortable in a space like this?

Why isn't this place for sale?

Laser Light Show: Now in Full Color!

A hoy, hoy, kiddos!  I'm just barely back from the dead as my seemingly never ending sickness is still doing it's best to keep me firmly planted on the couch in front of yet another craptastic TNT marathon.  And maybe a little American Idol action.  It's ok, I only watch audition week, the rest is as lame as this flu I can't shake. Anyhoodle, last weekend Erin and little Ike sensed my misery and sent me a link to this (yes, Ike sent the link too, I have proof):

Egads!!!  The full color laser light show mural was almost enough to defibrillate my weak ass back into action.  I followed the link action Erin and Ike were hooking me up with only to find (wait for it)... more murals!!

Be still my beating heart!  Mad genius Matt W Moore takes LLS magic to a whole new level with his layers of color and distorted perspective.  And you know what, he doesn't just do murals

He has his own typeface (swoon),

A series of surfboards with his art gracing the bottom (who doesn't, right?),

Some sweet t-shirt graphics for clothing line blood is the new black

and, of course, good old fashioned art

who can guess who's bedroom these would look awesome in?  Hint:  it's mine.

But seriously, I'm starting to wonder if the days are just longer in Maine, where Matt is from.  Maybe it's something about all that syrup and lobster that makes him 12,000 times more productive and awesome than us lazy bones here in Texas.  I don't know, but it's really making me need a nap.  Right in front of some reality tv.