Doggy Style

I love a good weiner... dog, that is. This weekend, we joined Karly and Mattybear at the Weiner Dog Races in Buda, TX, a wee country town just minutes south of Austin.

weiner dog races

Photo by Jay Janner of the Austin American Statesman

It had to be the weirdest county fair I have ever been to, but I gotta say that the pups were doggone cute. So today I'm posting a few doggy decor items inspired by our day at the races. Blue ribbons not included.

Dog speakers

Dogs as typefaces, via Swiss Miss

dog speakers

I am obsessed with these headless dog speakers. Woofers by Sander Mulder.

Dog speakers

Available in a limited run of only 50 pieces, these little dudes by Matteo Cibic have a fine pedigree.

dog stoll ibride

Ibride's Sultana Dog Stool

dog mask boontje

I love this Dog Mask Mirror, designed by Tord Boontje and Emma Woffenden for Artecnica.

hand made wallpaper

Check out this amazing tutorial on how to screenprint your own wallpaper. If you've ever screenprinted anything, you know what a crazy big achievement this doggie wallpaper by Polly Danger is.

whippet bench

And finally, an oldie but goodie -- the Whippet Bench by Radi Designs even comes in gold. Truly, that must be man's best friend.

I'm leaving y'all with a little pic of Me and Ike in the petting zoo at the fair. We survived the voracious baby eating goats... barely. I'm not sure Ike's pacifier will ever the the same, though.

petting zoo

Sorry our posts are looking all wonky... we're having some weird wordpress glitches that force us to code in HTML and mama no likey. Hopefully it'll all magically resolve itself soon.

That's it for the weekend wrap up. Did any of you do anything super exciting? Tell me all about it.

Let's Hear it For the Birthday Boy

Happy inauguration eve everyone!  I know that I should be posting a bunch of red, white and blue decor and singing my heart out in celebration of the last day of eight very, very long years.  But, first things first, today is my friend Ben's birthday and we need to give him a shout out before tossing our baton and taking our first inaugural day parade steps.  Our birthday boy is a sound guy, as in, holding boom mikes and recording voice overs.  All of his equipment is pretty ugly (save one speaker case that I stickered for him) and consists of a bunch of techy boy stuff and wires.  I think if Ben really wants to look pro, he should probably give his own personal sound system a boost with any of today's speaker choices.

This universal plug and play system for audio devices was designed by Per Brickstad as his design degree project.  I don't know about you kids but when I was in art school I was surrounded by a bunch of stoners chopping up shopping carts.  I think I might have gone to the wrong school.  Anyway, I hope Brickstad makes these quick, when he does, for Ben's birthday, I will suggest to him that he buys one.  What?  Typing this isn't enough?

If Ben's grandma sends him a check for $2475 for the big 3-7, he could have an MP3 playing iball chair made to his specifications.  Hunter green shell with mint interior?  Whatever you say, birthday face.

These speak-ers are my very favorite speakers ever.  I think Ben should get me 2 for my birthday (psst, ben, may 29th!)

If Ben wants to lay down some bass, he could compliment any of the above sound systems with these precious woofers.  

The next time our birthday boy has a few days off between shoots and is feeling crafty, he could even follow this DIY guide for making his own Munny Doll Speakers.  He will easily be the coolest man on campus if he marches back to set toting these gems.

But, then again, he is a boy, so he would probably prefer to paint something a little more like this for himself:

These custom illustrated speakers by Get The Egg would be a lovely addition to any bachelor pad and shouldn't scare the ladies off at all.

If Ben is more interested in showing his sensitive side he could always go here:

This Concerto Table is sure to woo any young lady Ben decides to invite a lady in to "see his record collection" or "meet his new cat" 

See Ben, aren't you just so glad we're friends?  What on earth would you do without all of my wonderful advice?