Silver Is the New Gold.

Oh, you heard me. I've been thinking that silver's getting a bad rap on the 24K-clad pages of our beloved Design Crisis. Okay, maybe not a bad rap so much as completely ignored. Uh-huh, talk to the hand, silver. Well, silver's feelings are hurt. Gold is an attention whore but silver is not the homely stepsister. Not today anyway. Today is silver's day to shine. Greetings D. C. junkies, I'm Hello Gorgeous, former advertising copywriter and blog raconteur. I was heavily into retail both in home and fashion but home is really where my heart is. Now, onto the glittering goodness.

The Grand Entrance Hall by Randall Beale and Carl Lana, Kips Bay Showhouse '07, House Beautiful

Foil-covered wainscoting? How clever. How Warhol-esque. You know you've been looking for just the right symbol of your disdain for the bourgeois ethic.

The only thing more fabulous than aluminium foil-covered paneling is a slinky, Medusa-like mercury glass chandy, compliments of the room next door:

If you are not into tentacles sprouting from your ceiling, you may be interested in a glistening wad of balls (oh, don't be coy; you know who you are).

The silver ball chandelier from Graham and Greene appears to have nipples, which would make it porny perfect for this blog but, alas, I believe it's an illusion and is merely cut glass detail.

Speaking of nipples and porny perfection, Dancer by Jimmie Martin. Perfect if you're looking to give a special room a certain luster.

More traditional tastes will love this sunburst mirror from 1st Dibs. (Perhaps if we call it mirror flambe, Raina and Molly will like it. :-))

It would go perfectly over this carved marble fireplace flanked by the incredible edible Arne Jacobsen silver egg chairs.

House Beautiful

Edible, maybe if you're this guy:

Jaws, James Bond circa 1977

You'd like to be a fly on the wall of that room, you say? Rob Wynne's oversized ode to Kafka might be just what the Orkin man ordered.

Photo New York Times 


How can I let this post go by without a shiny horsey for Karly: heigh-ho silver, away!

Italian art glass pony from 1st Dibs

And it wouldn't be a post by me without a lustrous deer head.



I am undecided about these Sau-sage chairs by Jimmie Martin. Half of me likes them and half of me doesn't.

Will somebody please put this lamp on a table between those two chairs? Because crocky looks like he may need a dog morsel or two for lunch. From the land of overpriced fug, Vivre, $2500.

If you are still suffering from delusions of market grandeur, behold the bull stapler for dazzling office dreamz. Ironic that Bullshizzle should be the symbol for Wall Street, no? Vivre, again.

And finally, a bit of gratuitous room decor compliments of the silver-tongued Silver Fox himself:

Just turn on your TV and add him to whichever room you wish.

See? That wasn't so bad now, was it? In fact, I'll bet you're thinking that silver's quite the hot commodity after all.

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