Where's Waldo: Badass Lamp Edition

Hey All, it's Karly!  I've come out from under the demolished-kitchen-shaped rock from which I've been hiding under to seek your renovation assistance.  Since I'm standing knee-deep in rubble over here and icky dust has settled in my brain, I'm having a hard time finding the light I'm lusting after at an affordable price.  But I know I can.  Despite the mess crumbling down around me I still hold strong to my motto:  I will buy it for half the price.  Also to my other motto:  no more horses. So, can you help me or what?

I'm looking for a light sorta-kinda like this one.  It's baby brother.  A wee bit shorter.  I have a very large window over my sink and want to mount a light like this on the wall beside it.  For less than $1,000,000 ok, less than $1,000.  who are we kidding, less than $10.

Certainly not $2,700, otherwise I would buy this:

Yes, this Serge Mouille light would do the trick if only it were (say it with me now) half of half of half of the price.  half it again.  yep, that should do it.

So, any ideas on where I can find something similar with a nice wingspan?  3 feet would be amazing.  okthanksbye


Turn On Your Hot Lights

I have a problem. Yes, I frequently misinterpret Neil Diamond lyrics, but it's worse than that. It's my lighting addiction. Every night when the lights get low and my sleep deprivation has turned itself inside out, transforming me into a frenetic Mrs. Hyde, and there is nothing on tv -- not even a Flipping Out marathon, I start trolling the dark streets of Ebay, looking for a fixture. Or two. Or three. I can't stop myself from adding sconces, table lamps and chandeliers to my watch list. And do I need these things? Well, I could use a new light for over my kitchen sink, but in short: No. Hell no. I have a garage full of crap bought from Craigslist, Round Top, thrift and vintage stores. Anytime I shop for furnishings, I studiously avoid anything that is not, in and of itself, a source of illumination. Lighting is the jewelry of the room, and I like da bling. So, during all my sleepless nights spent trolling, I've noticed two distinct lighting trends: restrained industrial, and architectural glitz. In the restrained camp, there is a plethora of very elegant French lights by 50's designer, Serge Mouille:

serge mouille

House to Home

Mouille lights are classic and spare, but with an edgy vibe. Very French, no? In the glitzy camp, we have scintillating fixtures by Italian designer Gaetano Sciolari:

gaetano sciolari

Via Brown Turtleneck Sweater

Sciolari's lucite and brass chandelier does a lot to glam up an otherwise studiously neutral room, don't you think? So, which do you prefer -- French, spare and edgy, or Italian, shiny and voluptuous?

catherine vs sophia

Catherine Deneuve or Sophia Loren? (And if someone can direct me to their male equivalents, I'd be most appreciative...)

I know. It's cruel asking you to choose between two gorgeous creatures, but can two such strong personalities coexist in a polygamous marriage? I'm talking about the light fixtures, of course. Need more lighting porn to help you decide? Your wish is my command:

david netto

Mouille in David Netto's apartment.


Sciolari via Vintage y Chic

jenna lyons

Mouille in Jenna Lyon's bedroom.


Sciolari via Apartment Therapy

serge mouille

Mouille, forgot source. Je regrete!


Sciolari in Kelly Wearstler's crazy pink and purple guest house

mouille via Met Home

Mouille via Met Home


I ran out of home pics with Sciolari chandeliers in them, so I'm including this sexy number all by its lonesome.

serge mouille

Mouille via Gribouillis Magazine


Sciolari. I think I just had a brassgasm. Orbrassm.

So, lovely readers, what are your thoughts? Shiny or spare? Glittery or sophisticated? Could you decide between one style over the other, or does the very idea of such a Sophie's Choice bring a tear to the eye? Perhaps you think the two could be peaceful bedmates? Tell momma all about it.