Hello, Mellow

Hey dudes, I'm still here. Sorry I haven't had much time to hang out in blogland lately, but guess what? Ike is sick. Again. This makes the fourth time in three months and I'm about ready to send him back to the baby factory for repairs and new parts. I kid. Really. Please don't jump my ass, trolls. Anyway I am busy and tired and covered in snot and all this awesomeness gives me the pissies when I hear that color and FUN!!! are coming back to decor. Thanks a lot, Sara Ruffin Costello -- you are obviously too perky to have sick children. So, how much do I sound like Grouchy Smurf when I say that I hate color and I hate fun? I don't really, but ok, right now I do. I hate them. In case you couldn't already tell, sleep deprivation and living in a miasma of snot and toddler germs will do weird things to you. Well, it does weird things to me, anyway.

You know what takes me to my happy place? This.

Gary Hutton

Isabel Lopez Quesada

Joel Mozersky

Ryan Korban via Lonny

Kelly Wearstler

Ahhh. Blood pressure. slowly. falling. Tirade ending. Rage receding. Patience returning. Likey Smurf emerging.

Neutrals sometimes get a bad rap because of that whole 80s band aid beige epidemic, but just look how soothing yet interesting they can be when mixed with a country ton of texture. Fur rugs? Check. Muted patterns? Check. Shiny shiny goodness? Check. Acres of psychedelic mushroom marble? Check.

I need it all. It's for my health. Do you think Blue Cross covers decor?

Also, special announcemento: The lovely Elizabethi Hablinski McDougall of the aptly named design firm EHM Design will be here on Thursday to wax dramatic about her very own house woes. Plus as a special added bonus, she will gift you with some very pretty pictures of other people's houses that are not in the least woeful. So be here. Or else.

You kind and generous people wouldn't want me to get all hatery again... would you?