Kitchen Porn Stars

I desperately want to tell you about all the exciting! plans! I've cooked up thanks to your comments for our kitchen facelift, but I'm just way too sick. We're on week a million of the bubonic plague and I kind of want to shoot Little Orphan Annie in the head for even suggesting that the sun might come out tomorrow... I really don't want to get my hopes up. Because most likely we're in for another month of snot and misery and it's best to look a bleak future square in its runny face and get on with it.

Honestly the entire situation wouldn't be so bad if only I had some good tv to watch. I feel like I've seen EVERYTHING. Suggestions?

Anyway, sorry for dumping pink eye all over your day. Here are some toe curling good kitchens that have interesting, daring design elements. Hopefully they will be enough to get me off your naughty list.

Next up: wood kitchens. Who's with me?