Blue Monday

It's Monday. The gods in all of their infinite wisdom have decided to bless me with a filthy house, no food in the fridge, and a computer in revolt. Also we leave for Hawaii in two days. The gods be crazy, yo. I may have to take matters into my own hands. white living room

I'm working on my serenity now pose. It looks a little something like Mike Myers' fantasy sequences in Wayne's World, but maybe a little more like this room.

If this is back to school day for you or your little person, then you need a steaming dose of serenity even more than me. Let's hold hands and sing kumbaya and try to survive this day, friends. Or we could just take this post to its logical conclusion.

Happy Monday. Try not to die.

[Richard Powers]

Eyelid Movies

Amanda Talbot of Snoop is one lucky girl. As an editor and consultant, she's worked for some of the biggest decor magazines and design firms on the planet, plus she gets to hob nob with the cool kids. Check out this project she worked on:

Styling an outdoor movie set at Todd Oldham's house for a Richard Powers photoshoot sounds totally lame, right? Ok, so it sounds awesome, especially when she talks about how fun and cool Todd and his partner Tony are.

Dammit, how do I get this job? I am for serious.