Laura Day Living

Hey buddies, I'm still a little worn out from all the drama, so today's post is gonna be hasty but tasty. Remember Laura Day's amazing living room from the Lonny before last? I want to roll around in that room and rub my face all over it like an alley cat marking his territory. Like minded enthusiasts will be happy to know that Day has launched a webzine called -- what else? -- Laura Day Living, full of cute rooms and cute ideas. To me it reads like a cross between the dearly departed Cookie magazine and Domino, which is perfect for us breeders, but still engaging for those who aren't too haughty to bust out their Spin Art machines in Central Park (note to hipsters: Damien Hirst is doing it, so it's ok for you, too.)

See? A little spin art never hurt anyone.

Day's Hamptons beach home (don't hate) is filled with sunny neutrals, which leaves plenty of psychic space for daughter Olivia's massive toy collection -- all stowed neatly away in bins, of course. I love that she was able to make her home stylish yet kid friendly, because it's damn hard.

But don't let the wipeable surfaces and locking cabinets fool you -- Day is still a decorator. Even though we don't share the exact same aesthetic, I appreciate the way she mixes and matches, and mostly I just think her rooms are pretty.

Although the Baughman chairs and lucite tables are pretty badassical.

Oh, and momma like that light fixture. Vintage Mazzega, I'm guessing? Maybe Kalmar?

Plus you gotta love a gal that can afford the best, but has Ikea countertops.

Ok, that's it for today -- it was a long weekend full of summer fun, but now it's time to pay the piper. I don't think y'all would even recognize my house if you saw it today. It looks like tornado alley up in here.

Maybe Laura Day has space for guests?